"At first, when I joined CCYO, I was intimidated because everyone could play their instruments so well. It made me feel that I wasn't as talented in playing the violin as they are. But I realized that this was a challenge for me because if they could do it, I probably could too. It inspired me to practice harder music and learn better techniques. I've actually improved a lot ever since I joined CCYO. But it's not only that, the people in CCYO are so outgoing and nice. They encourage you and they help you to get better. You make friends in CCYO and all of you share the same love for music."       Rae Angala


If paying membership fees, please indicate student's name and ensemble in the comments section.


We are proud to announce our new directors:

     Osman Kivrak

     Krisztina Der

Encore Strings,Encore Band,  and Prelude Strings

Auditions for the 2019 Fall season
will take place in September.

Please click here to sign up for an audition:


 Returning members do not need to audition again unless moving to a different ensemble. 

All members participating in the 2019 Fall season are required to fill out the following form:


"The concert was incredibly impressive - really just jaw-droppingly good. 
Congratulations on an amazing year!"
Laura Berthiame

Prelude Strings

​       Meets Tuesdays, 5:00-6:30
       North Point High School Band Room
       Plays level 1-2 music
       Laura Ellison, director 

Encore Strings

       Meets Tuesdays, 6:00-7:30
       North Point High School Chorus Room
       Plays level 2.5-3.5 music
       Dr. Krisztina Der, director

Encore Band

       Meets Wednesdays, 6:00-7:30
       La Plata High School 
       Plays level 1.5-2.5 music
       Takako Mato, director

Charles County Youth Orchestra

       Full symphonic orchestra of strings, winds, brass and percussion
​             (Especially looking for bass and brass!)
       Meets Tuesdays, 7:00-8:30
       North Point High School Band Room
       Plays level 4-6 music
       Osman Kivrak, director​​

Charles County Youth Orchestra


Do you have to be a Charles County Public School Student? No, any student of any age is welcome to audition for an ensemble. Students are strongly encouraged to participate in their school ensembles as well.

What do you do besides rehearse? Students in all ensembles perform concerts in January and May, and have the opportunity to take part in other performances at the Charles County Fair, String Mentor Day, Kris Kringle Christmas Market, and the Arts Fest in La Plata. Students also

benefit from sectional coachings and masterclasses. See "Additional

Opportunities" page. 

How much does it cost?  ​The membership fee for any of the groups is

$145 for the year. ($95 for half year membership.) Averaging about

$5 per week, that's a really good deal! Financial aid is also available,

so don't let financial concerns keep you from participating!

How do I get involved? Check out the audition page for requirements,

and sign up to schedule an audition. 

What if the audition date has passed? Contact the director anyway!

We try to be flexible!

If you like what we do, please consider donating here:

"Being in the Charles County Youth Orchestra is the best thing ever. It has taught me to play beautiful music with others and I made new friends who also love music..."          Evangeline Gilmer

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Have fun

playing good music

with some of the 

best student musicians

in Charles County!